Winston Deavor is a major character in Incredibles 2. He is the head of a world-class telecommunications company with his sister Evelyn. Like his father, Winston is a fan of superheroes and believed the Super ban indirectly caused the death of his parents (as neither Fironic nor Gazerbeam, two friends of the elder Deavor responded to a distress call when Winston's parents were attacked by robbers). He sought to get the Super ban repealed to help prevent future like tragedies from happening to others. To that effect, Winston eventually found a group of "wannabe Supers", who were Supers coming into their powers but never given a chance to be in public due to the ban yet lucky enough to escape the Super purge. Eventually, Winston found Frozone, who in turn introduced him to Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl.


Winston is determined and confident in what he does. He is a brilliant businessman, and his suavity and charm makeSe him brilliant at connecting with people. He also seems to be very cosmopolitan, seeing that he convinced Supers from all over the world to leave their old life and join him in his cause. He truly believes that he can use his wealth and power to make the world a better place for everyone.

Despite his enormous amounts of wealth and business connections, Winston seems to be down-to-earth and is able to sympathize with the Supers. Although at first, it seemed that he had some other nefarious — and hidden agenda that is secretly motivating him — this was proven not the case. His sister, Evelyn, revealed that she kept her "Screenslaver" identity a secret because she knew that Winston's strong morals would never permit him to go along with her unscrupulous ways. He later demonstrates this morality when, upon realizing his sister's true intentions, he refuses to escape with her, despite her being the only family left for him. Deciding to remain on the ship that will crash into the city, he risks his life to try and free all the Supers and ambassadors from Evelyn's technological hypnosis, all by himself, and get them to safety, greatly showing a selfless side to his personality.



  • It is known that Winston and Evelyn Deavor are brother and sister, respectively. However, it is uncertain if they are twins or few years apart, and it is also uncertain if Winston is older or younger than Evelyn.
  • In early concepts, Winston was supposed to have a brother rather than a sister. But the developers felt that Elastigirl would build a better friendship with a female character instead.
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