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Wheezy: "What's the point in prolonging the inevitable? We're all just one stitch away from here...to there."
Woody: "Yard sale? Yard sale! YARRRRD SAAALE! Guys, wake up, wake up! There's a yard sale outside!"
Wheezy and Woody, the latter alerting to the toys in Andy's room

The yard sale is an event held by Andy's mom outside Andy's house in Toy Story 2. When Andy's mom picks up Wheezy the squeeze toy penguin to sell at the yard sale, Woody, riding on Buster, goes to save him, but is accidentally left behind and subsequently stolen by Al McWhiggin, an obsessive toy collector and owner of Al's Toy Barn, after failing to negotiate a sale with Andy's mom. Al intends to sell Woody and his Roundup gang to a toy museum in Japan.


  • The yard sale event was an original idea in the first Toy Story, and even mentioned by Hamm, but it was ultimately not used.