Abominable Snowplow: "Welcome to the Himalayas! Snow cone?"
Mack: "Oh, that Abominable Snowplow is quite the comic thespian!"
—Abominable Snowplow's line (greeting Mike and Sulley) followed by Mack's comments

"The roads are pretty bad in the Himalayas, so it's good the Yeti mobile can plow through even the highest snow drifts. Always on the look out for stranded motorists, the Yeti mobile doesn't just help dig them out of the snow, he also likes to offer them a delicious snow cone or two while they wait."[1]

He appears in Monster Trucks, Inc.


  • Yeti, as well as a version of him holding a tray of snow cones, has been released to the Cars Die-Cast Line.



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